CoinSwap Space Announces $25k Airdrop to Celebrate CoinMarketCap Listing

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CoinSwap Space Announces $25k Airdrop to Celebrate CoinMarketCap Listing

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The new listing will allow users to keep track of CoinSwap’s native CSS token directly on CMC

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2021 / CoinSwap Space, the decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain, have announced that their native utility token, CSS is now listed on CoinMarketCap. This new listing represents another step forward for CoinSwap which has spent the last few months since its launch in April adding new pairs and features for its users. The listing will be followed up by an AirDrop event hosted by coinmarketcap that will promote a CoinSwap Space Airdrop for $25,000 worth of CSS.

CoinSwap Space is a comprehensive suite of DeFi features that aims to give its users a simple way to avail of all the benefits of DeFi. CoinSwap allows its users to add to liquidity pools, stake tokens, and yield farm all and one easy-to-use interface. By utilizing the highly efficient BSC, CoinSwap is able to provide these features for some of the lowest transaction fees on the market. CoinSwap is even able to offer fees 20% less than that of PancakesSwap, the most popular DEX on BSC.

However, there are many other features of CoinSwap that are geared towards streamlining a user’s experience. “Mass Harvest” and “Mass Stake” are buttons on the interface that allows users to gather all of their farmed tokens across all of their liquidity and staking pools in a few easy clicks. Meanwhile, CoinSwap also has a feature that automatically connects a user’s Metamask wallet to the service. All of these features, combined with the low fees, create a DeFi experience that’s accessible for all.

The new listing on CoinMarketCap helps establish CoinSwap as a premium DEX on the BSC. Together with CoinSwap’s successful audit from blockchain security firm Certik, it gives investors peace of mind for the strength of CoinSwap’s smart contracts.

The AirDrop that accompanies CoinSwaps new listing is a great way for new users to get involved in CSS tokens. Unlike PancakeSwap’s native CAKE token CSS has a hard cap of just 19,999,999. When combined with the fact that a portion of CSS token is burnt for every transaction on the DEX, this makes the token deflationary.

For seven days, CoinMarketCap will be hosting the event on their platform in order to promote the airdrop of CSS tokens. The AirDrop will consist of $25,000 worth of CSS, 7,000 CSS, being sent to 2000 lucky participants. Anyone can participate and it does not require any purchase.

If you would like to get involved please check out the simple tasks you must complete to be eligible HERE.

About CoinSwap Space

CoinSwap Space is a suite of DeFi services built on the Binance Smart Chain. It primarily features a decentralized exchange founded on the automated market maker model (AMM) that provides the lowest fees on BSC. CoinSwap users can earn the deflationary CSS token by staking and farming capital. Users also benefit from smart routing, guaranteeing maximum yields and the lowest slippage available.

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