Deeper Network Announced Long-Awaited Genesis Node Mining Event

by Smith
Deeper Network Announced Long-Awaited Genesis Node Mining Event

SANTA CLARA, USA – July 26th, 2021 – Deeper Network, the decentralized infrastructure for Web 3.0, is announcing that the launch of their long-awaited Genesis Node Mining event will begin today. This will allow users who contribute bandwidth to the deeper network access to rewards. The incentivization will serve to power the Deeper Network to deliver a more secure private and fair internet for everyone. To increase the interest in the launch, Deeper Network has also announced special limited-edition rewards for participants in phase one of the mining. 


Deeper Network is a decentralized network built on blockchain that delivers network security through a sharing economy thus creating a fairer internet. The network is built on top of Deeper’s revolutionary hardware, The Deeper Connect, that allows users to become a node in the network and then act as both client and server in the next stage of evolution for the internet. AtomOS is the world’s first lock-free operating system and is the software that powers Deeper. User’s data sent on Deeper cannot be logged, leaked, hacked, or subpoenaed because it is distributed across a serverless network, making it one of the most secure ways to transmit data.

Deeper Network is building a network that will empower people to fight censorship, safeguard privacy and recapture their internet freedom. The project has already garnered a lot of interest across the crypto sphere as evidenced by the interest in Deeper Network’s Deeper Connect Mini and Nano which have sold out multiple times since the beginning of 2020. A retail partner of Deeper, StackCommerce sold out 2,000 Deeper Connect Nanos in just a few days, while Indiegogo, the world’s top crowdfunding platform, sold out more than 5,000 units in just a week. 

In order for Deeper Network to fulfill its potential, it is vitally important that its users supply bandwidth to the Network through their Genesis Node Miner. Genesis Node Mining is so essential because it incentivizes Deeper’s users to provide the bandwidth that will lay the foundation for the entire network. 

Rewards will be paid out in Deeper Network’s native token, DPR, which stands at the centre of the entire ecosystem. There are a total of 10 billion DPR tokens, 60% of which are allocated for mining incentives. To highlight how significant a step this is for the development of this project, 30% of the tokens allocated for mining rewards, 1.8 billion DPR tokens, are reserved for The Genesis Mining event. 

To further incentivize participation in the Genesis Mining, participants in phase one will receive a free limited-edition 24k gold plated Genesis Node Miner which will become a rare and valuable collectors item. There has been immense interest surrounding this event globally and many have been awaiting its official announcement. In order to participate in the Genesis Mining, participants must be on the whitelist. Deeper Network is committed to a fair launch and as such, the whitelist is open to anyone as long as Deeper can ship the Genesis node minor to the participant’s address.

For more information about The Genesis Node Mining and on how to participate, check out Deeper’s Medium for the details HERE

About Deeper Network 

Deeper Network is the decentralized and secure gateway to a more democratic internet. The project aims to empower every household with a better internet experience and become the de facto portal to Web 3.0. Deeper Network’s flagship hardware line, the Deeper Connect, is the world’s first blockchain-powered gateway that enables users to securely and privately browse the internet free of censorship.

Deeper Network is led by a team of seasoned industry professionals whose backgrounds include Intel, Amazon, CoinMarketCap and Quantum. Their products are sold on Amazon, Best Buy and Indiegogo with over 10,000 units already sold.

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