Digital Shovel Announced as Elite Sponsor for Mining Disrupt 2023

by Mayer

Miami, Florida, July 20, 2023 — Digital Shovel, a renowned leader in the development of efficient crypto mining container solutions, has officially announced its elite sponsorship for the Mining Disrupt 2023, set to take place in Miami, FL from July 25-27. The event marks the 5th year of this globally recognized brand and conference and features the world’s largest Bitcoin Mining Expo with an expected attendance in the thousands.

Mining Disrupt has grown rapidly since its inception, beginning as an online discussion group and expanding into a vast international conference and expo dedicated to the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining industry. It serves as an extensive platform for businesses, vendors, investors, and enthusiasts to engage, learn, and explore the latest trends and innovations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

As an elite sponsor, Digital Shovel brings a wealth of experience and innovative solutions to the event. With over five years of experience and having sold over 700 Minipods to more than 60 reoccurring clients, Digital Shovel has carved out a significant space in the crypto-mining market. Their primary product, the M300 Minipod, comes equipped with a smart power distribution unit, an easy-to-use user interface, and advanced automation features.

Digital Shovel’s offerings will likely resonate with the audience at Mining Disrupt as their advanced Minipods provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for crypto mining operations. The Minipod’s smart power distribution unit gives users extensive control over their operations and its remote monitoring capabilities ensure maximum efficiency and profit. In addition, Digital Shovel’s notification system provides users with vital event alerts to keep them up to date with their mining activities.

Furthermore, their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service has garnered praise from numerous clients who have benefited from their services. Their offerings allow businesses to scale crypto-mining operations with low energy costs and high security. With a plug-and-play model, Digital Shovel ensures businesses have an easy route to passive income through their managed and unmanaged miner hosting.

The Mining Disrupt 2023 will serve as a unique opportunity for attendees to explore Digital Shovel’s innovative crypto-mining solutions firsthand, reinforcing their presence as a pioneer in the space while simultaneously providing invaluable resources to those seeking to optimize their mining operations.

About Digital Shovel:

Digital Shovel specializes in helping businesses scale their crypto-mining operations with their innovative mobile units. With low energy costs, high security, and a turnkey setup, Digital Shovel is a trusted partner for managed and unmanaged miner hosting. Their products ensure maximum efficiency, allowing clients to focus on growth while they manage day-to-day operations.

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