Own Opportunity and Excellent Growth Potential of SQF Token For The First Sale Opening Rounds

by Mayer

Every investor has the need to find a potential coin to Hold and Trade. Choosing the right, standard at the time of investment in the current market is always focused and carefully considered. So what makes you hold the opportunity to own SQF right from the Seedround/private. Join us to “feel” the difference!

Potential when holding Tokens in Seedround/private.

In the field of potential Cryptocurrency that is growing widely all over the world, besides investing in big coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, investing in new Blockchain projects is also a great choice , can bring huge profits for you.

The Seedround/private was opened when the Blockchain project was just at the idea generation stage in Startup programs in general and Coin Project in particular. With a superior price advantage, Seedround/private is always hunted by “Sharks” to buy and hold in large volume.

In investing, timing and investor psychology are always the core factors that directly affect the success and increase of profits when investing. So what makes Seedround/private always the most anticipated period of smart investors?

 Low starting price: Coins at Seedround/private certainly investors will only lose a much lower capital than the time after the Token price increase.

–  Hold a large amount: When buying Coins at Seedround/private, investors will hold a large number of Tokens in their hands and reserve them to wait on the exchange to sell for a profit.

 Not presure: Investors do not need to stress by closely monitoring the market like Trade Coin.

–  Low difficulty: The form of holding coins only requires investors to learn about the Token potential, fundamental analysis of the Coin.

–  Catch the trend: Holding Tokens at this time is equivalent to investors being the market trendsetter.

–  Profit Optimization: For those Holders who know how to manage well, they even get more coins if they take it to Staking for rewards, this is also a way to maximize the potential of the existing assets of investors.

Market impact: The fact that a series of investors hold the entire token reserve that the issuer launches at Seedround/private makes the scarcity and “hot” of the Token increase, leading to the difference between Supply – Demand, affecting the market their prices – the obvious obvious is the expected growth.

Eg: When you hold 10,000,000 SQF in Seedround/private with the starting purchase price of: $0.00003 – 1 Token, the total investment value you have to spend is $300 , assuming a period of 6 months from the date Launching the value of 1 Token, increasing to the milestones reaching the value of 10 or even 100 times, you will simply be able to achieve:

10,000,000 SQF * $0.00003 = $300

10,000,000 SQF * $0.0003 = $30,000 (Token value increased 10 times after 6 months)

10,000,000 SQF * $0.003 = $300,000 (Token value increases 100 times after 6 months)


Sancti Quest on Frontline (SQF) – Potential to develop BlockChain Gaming trend.

Sancti Quest on Frontline – SQF token is a GameFi project developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, with a different economic structure from most existing GameFi projects on BSC. The most special thing is the mission to bring the game back to its true nature.

Whether it is a casual game or a GameFi, the most important aspect is still the enjoyment and entertainment for the players. Of course, players can earn money the way they can in other games. Sancti Quest on Frontline is supposed to usher in a new era for both the GameFi and Crypto markets.

NFTs are the soul of the project, that’s why SQF always focuses on optimizing profit per transaction and fighting in the project. About the game’s NFT system This project contains a variety of NFTs that you can use to power up your character. In general, there are two types of NFTs:

  • Limited NFTs (non-fungible token): Weapons, outfits, accessories, and pet items are available. These kinds of NFTs are limited in the number of ways in which players store value when they upgrade levels day by day. In the marketplace, NFTs can be exchanged, bought, or sold.
  • Consumable NFTs (non-fungible token) includes various types of stones, upgraded materials, cards, and so on. These are types of consumable NFTs, which means that after being used, they will be directly burned. These NFTs are still exchanged in the marketplace like limited NFTs. Consumable NFTs are materials that people can use to increase the value of the limited NFTs that they own.


Token Usecase

  • Payment: Use SQF tokens to pay, buy and sell NFT items of the game
  • Farming/Staking: Tokens can be used to earn rare NFTs through the game’s staking mechanism
  • Events: SQF tokens can be used to participate in some in-game events with extremely attractive rewards.
  • The SQF ecosystem later expands to many more interesting things. Accordingly, the SQF token may have more applications in the future.


In addition to the above advantages, the SQF system also has many attractive and preferential policies that players cannot miss, which are: Diverse game modes with 3 outstanding modes: Adventure, Party dungeon and rank (solo/team), next is limited NFT and most especially, it’s FREE TO PLAY.

The cryptocurrency craze in the past year is the premise for NFT to develop and attract such investors. With what SQF has done, is doing and will do, it will definitely make a big change in the NFT DeFi market. Investors as well as the media will hardly be able to ignore the influence of SQF.


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