VcashPay: An Advanced Platform For Secure Virtual Payments

by Mayer
VcashPay: An Advanced Platform For Secure Virtual Payments

The pandemic has persuaded everyone to migrate towards the virtual world and depend more on the internet to avoid contact. As the rate of online shopping and other similar services increases, there is a wider need for a secured payment base. Decentralised blockchain payment method is proving its worth in society with its peer-to-peer transaction without the friction of intermediaries and additional charges. Such transactions must be secure, fast, and efficient. The virtual world is vulnerable to many threats thus, it must be able to safeguard people’s money while being able to handle thousands of transactions in a minute. VcashPay is a leading secure and sustainable company in this area. 

What is VcashPay?

VcashPay or Virtual Cash Payment (VCP) is a decentralised and secured digital money that is built from scratch on open-source Java. It aims to repair the limitations that exist in electronic financial systems today. Through VcashPay one can transfer values in a linear end to end manner. VcashPay is one of the most efficient and accessible digital money that has minimal impact and is easy to use even for a beginner. In addition to a low miner fee, a friction-less operation and fewer formalities, VcashPay is 100x faster than traditional currency. 

Unique Features Of VcashPay

Being a platform for exchange, VcashPay has a very low transaction fee and it is one of the highlights of its numerous features. It is complete virtual/digital money and does not require mining, printing or minting like cryptocurrencies and cash. VCP is available throughout the world and thus it connects everyday transactions with the global economy. 

It is fully secured with the proof-of-stake blockchain mechanism and is open to all, owing to a more equal world. It has rewards in the form of incentives for those who participate in making the network more secure. It allows core features of various types of transactions and is also capable of adapting to advanced applications. VCP can be used on all kinds of devices that support this technology and this is including mobile devices. 

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