What’s The Difference Between Trading TurboXBT’s Short-Term Contracts And Futures Trading?

by Smith

Experienced financial traders often chose advanced products such as futures contracts as their trading vehicle of choice. While they seem confusing to everyone else, futures, or options, are simply a way to speculate on the price of an asset at some future point in time. They mimic TurboXBT’s offerings in that users also speculate on the price movement of synthetic digital assets.
Let’s expand further on the differences between futures and TurboXBT’s synthetic contract offering:

  • Futures Contracts are an agreement to buy or sell an asset at a later date for a fixed price. In order words, futures enable investors to gain exposure to an asset without directly holding the asset. A wide variety of futures contracts or investment models exist, allowing traders to bet on price movements. The other major variant is options trading.
  • Options are financial contracts that allow investors to buy or sell the underlying asset at a set price at a future date. If an investor expects the price of an asset to rise in the future, they can purchase call options from which they will profit if the asset’s market price exceeds the strike price. In contrast, if they believe the asset will depreciate in value, they can purchase put options, which will bring in profit if the asset’s market price falls below the strike price.

In simple terms, futures contracts are similar to trading on TurboXBT in that both enable users to take advantage of price gains or falls to profit. However, there are differences you should be aware of.
Differences Between TurboXBT’s Short Term Contracts and Futures Trading
One of the main differences between TurboXBT and futures trading is the settlement time. Futures are settled over a relatively long period of time, with many contracts closing on the third Friday of every month. TurboXBT’s contracts run for short periods ranging from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 15 minutes. 
TurboXBT traders can take instant profits of up to 90% on real-time market movements.
Additionally, despite the existence of crypto-backed futures trading, they are still a highly regulated product, with trading taking place on regulated exchanges only. TurboXBT is not regulated and can offer traders data privacy as a result.
It’s worth noting that trading futures contracts, options, and on TurboXBT has inherent risks. However, a sound trading strategy and knowledge of the underlying market can help mitigate that risk. 
The barriers to entry for trading futures and options are set high, and trading platforms that offer these products often require a minimum amount to participate. They tend to request personal financial information to assess your worth and extend limits according to that information.
TurboXBT operates differently, allowing users to trade with any amount. There are no minimum deposits or maximum withdrawals. 
Trading on TurboXBT Is Simple
Trading on TurboXBT is similar to futures trading but much more straightforward. To place a trade on a funded account, the user will need to select one of the available asset pairs, for example, BTC/USD. A suitable time frame from the options shown on the chart interface. Then the trade is executed by clicking either the green UP button for a price rise or the red DOWN button to bet on the price falling. Winnings depend on whether the trade gained or lost value within the set time limit. 
Users have access to a $1,000 Demo account to practice trading strategies. This also serves as a significant difference between what TurboXBT offers and futures/options trading, as the relatively long settlement times of futures/options trading are impractical for practising.
Choosing Based on Preference
Every experienced investor has short-term and long-term goals, which can significantly impact the selected trading model. TurboXBT offers Investors quick instant profits making it an ideal platform for meeting short-term goals.

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