World’s Largest Boxing Blockchain Community Launches Native Token, RTF, to Power Ecosystem

by Mayer
  • Ready to Fight is the world’s first blockchain-based boxing ecosystem, co-founded by world heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk.
  • The social media platform aims to use decentralised blockchain technology to grow the boxing industry and support boxers and fans.
  • From 17th April 2024, they will list their native utility token, RTF, on leading DEX and CEX, to support transactions throughout the ecosystem.
  • Boxing legend Mike Tyson has now joined the platform as a brand ambassador.


Ready to Fight, the world’s first blockchain-based boxing ecosystem founded by Oleksandr Usyk, has announced the listing of their native token, RTF. The news marks an important step towards revolutionising the $10 billion boxing industry through decentralised blockchain technology.

Ready to Fight is a SocialFi boxing platform built on the RTF blockchain, a Layer 1 EMV-compatible blockchain. Founded by world heavyweight boxing champion, Oleksandr Usyk, and his team director, Sergey Lapin, it aims to address the global boxing industry’s needs within a single transparent, user-friendly and secure ecosystem.

Uniting the sporting and blockchain communities, the platform endeavours to tokenise fighters, empowering them to monetise their services, enhance their brands and advance their boxing careers. For fans, it offers an inclusive social network for engagement and the latest boxing news.

Ready to Fight has already gained popularity in the boxing world, forging partnerships with key industry powers including the World Boxing Council and the Saudi Boxing Federation. Having amassed 130,000 users since its launch in November 2023, the creation of the RTF token will bridge the platform from the web2 into the web3 space.

The Ready To Fight team has also announced that legendary boxer, Mike Tyson, has become an ambassador for the platform. His decision to support RTF pro bono underscores a genuine belief in the project’s goal, where his global fame and influence are expected to significantly boost the platform’s visibility and credibility.

RTF tokens are utility tokens with a total supply of 400 million tokens, with 22 million tokens we released in the initial launch. They will power transactions within the Ready to Fight ecosystem, including purchasing boxing-related services such as training partners, coaches, or nutrition recommendations, tickets to and streaming of international boxing matches, accessing exclusive content from athletes, minting fan-based NFTs, purchasing upgrades within the Cyber Ring game to strengthen your fighter and earn NFTs, and facilitating decision-making within the platform.

The token launch coincides with this year’s most highly anticipated boxing fight between Usyk and Fury on 18th May 2024. Moreover, Usyk has utilised the platform to find sparring partners in preparation for the fight. It was the first time in boxing history that a mobile app facilitated the selection of sparring partners for the champion’s training camp.

RTF tokens will be available to purchase in the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on DAO Maker launchpad on April 17 and on ChainGPT on April 19. They will be listed on the leading centralised exchanges from April 24.

Oleksandr Usyk, Co-Founder of Ready to Fight, commented: “We created Ready to Fight to use the benefits of decentralised blockchain and web3 technology to address the challenges we’d faced within the boxing industry, including operational inefficiencies and fragmented community ecosystems. With nearly 60% of the global population having an interest in boxing, the launch of the RTF token marks a significant milestone in facilitating this vision. It’s more than just a fan token; RTF boasts multiple use-cases within the Ready to Fight ecosystem, bridging the boxing, entertainment and cryptocurrency spaces“.

RTF tokens will also underpin their upcoming SubRing feature, enabling users to purchase digital ratings, known as Rates, for their favourite boxers. Each purchase increases the value of the next Rate for that boxer, enhancing speculation whilst reflecting the popularity and success of individual athletes.


Find out more about RTF tokens here, or experience Ready to Fight via the App Store or Google Play Store.

For more information about the RTF token listings on DEX, visit Ready to Fight’s Twitter channel.


About Ready To Fight:

Ready To Fight (RTF) is the world’s first blockchain-based boxing ecosystem co-founded by world-renowned boxer Oleksandr Usyk and his team director, Sergey Lapin. Aspiring to bring digital transformation to the boxing industry, the platform is built on the RTF blockchain, a layer 1, EMV-compatible blockchain. RTF is a SocialFi platform aiming to help athletes (amateurs and professionals) interact in a bilateral format with promoters, agents, coaches, sponsors, stores, gyms, sparring partners, masseurs, psychologists, nutritionists and other experts and services on mutually beneficial terms, within a transparent, open and secure network. The platform’s native token, RTF, powers transactions within the ecosystem, offering the ability to purchase services and products for those in the boxing industry, fans and crypto enthusiasts. RTF’s collaboration with the World Boxing Council (WBC) and Saudi Boxing Federation (SBF) underscores its dedication to promoting talent and enhancing the global boxing experience. For more information, visit 

Contact Information:
Lottie Wells
PR Consultant / Oleksandr Usyk / Ready To Fight

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